Julia's Gone Running - Day 300 And 56

Love And Consciousness...

The rain is still falling in Gozo...
Frances our lovely waitress at the Grand told us it only rained for two hours at at time here...!
We are now into day two rather than hour two of relentless rain...
We are however having a rather lovely cosy Sunday, mostly indoors....

Since setting off on our sunny nomadic lifestyle, I have very much turned into the 'fair weather runner'...

We were drinking our tea, pre run when the rain started to pour down...
'This feels more like Sunday morning in bed weather...' I laughed...
Anadi didn't need much encouragement...! 
Back to bed or rainy running? 

So back to bed we went...! 

The rain had not abated when we did 'take 2' of getting up on Sunday morning...

So we braved the elements... It was after all a rather glorious splashy, splashy warm rain run... 
We passed another soaked to the skin runner and then a British guy crossed the road in front of us, and called out 'best weather for it...'
Only a Brit would say that! 

Our morning inspired my video on the art of sexual magic... Reading my section from my book 'Girlfriend for a year' about stripping off under the light of the full moon in Santorini, and then painting our magic symbol on the rocks, reminded me of the incredible journey I have been on since meeting Anadi James Taylor! 

It is three years now since we first spoke and arranged to meet in his North London flat, so that he could interview me about my running as a practice of mediation on the move...

Little did we know when we woke up on December 6th 2012, that before long we would be practicing making love as a meditation...
Or perhaps deep down we did know... 
We know all there is to know... We are consciousness experiencing itself, and so we know what we want and which way we need to go... But so often the mind takes over, and fear instead of love becomes the ruler...

In reading my book today, I was reminded that Anadi and I committed to going wherever love and consciousness might lead us...
This we have done, and continue too...
I said to Anadi the other day
If others knew the extent of the risks we have taken, they would think we were insane...
But then we have simply followed where love and consciousness are leading us, and so we trust...! 

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Sleep Well Octavious...
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Gaia Healing Energy
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England Is So Green...
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Behold The Birds Of The Sky...
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'Relationship On The Run
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Truly Willing To Learn The Language Of Each Other...
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'Be The Change You Want To See In The World...
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'Once In A Blue Moon...'
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Mountain Meetings While Meditating On The Move
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In Other Lives, Many Years Ago...
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Different Paths
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The Best Cafe Con Leche Ever
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There May Be More To See...
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Conversations On The Run...
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We Have All The Time In The World...
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Chance Encounters On The Path
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I Choose Life
Day 200 And 53
The New Unfolding Story
Day 200 And 52
The Journey Of Self Discovery...
Day 200 And 51
Long Run Reccying For Tim...
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True Peace And Joy Is Within...
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Letting Go...
Day 200 And 48
The Olden Days...
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A Quest For Love...
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Snake Totem Crossed Our Path Again...
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Half Past Five On Monday Afternoon...
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Finding Out Where The Running Takes Me...
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Freedom, Like Love And Joy Are Already Ours...
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No Need To Plan...
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'Carpe Diem...'
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Journeying To The Alpujarra Mountains...
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'When People And Nature Are In Perfect Harmony....'
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'The Reduced Shakespeare Catch Up Run...'
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Esprit De Corps
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'We Will Make Our Sun Run...'
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Love Is Not About Possession...
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The Moral Of This Tale...
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The Plan Unfolding Of Itself...
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See The Truth...
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Sister 1 And Sister 2 Meet For Lunch...
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Fast In My Fifties...
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I Discovered I Am A 'Super Vet...'!
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Que Sera Sera...
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It's Hot Here Too...!
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The Same Colour...
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You Are A Child Of The Universe...
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Feed And Water The Plant...
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We Stood At The Top...
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To Everything There Is A Time And A Season...
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The Sambuka season Has Started...
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In The Mirror Of Relationship...
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Mount Pantokrator - Ruler Of Them All
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How Delicious It Is To Share...
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Hair Shirt Meditation...
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The Story Of Our Life
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Brief Encounters...
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'On The Road Again...'
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If You Can Feel It You Can Heal It...
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Le Lunch...
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Our Hair Streaming In The Breeze
Day 100 And 99
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How Easy Was That...?
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'Running Is What Brings Me Joy...'
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Encounters On The Run...
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A Land Where Bears Have Been Spotted...
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Red Arrows On The Road...!
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'Van Aaken Recommends Walking Breaks...'
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The End Of All Our Exploration...'
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Sixty Seconds Worth Of Distance Run...
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An 'Other Worldly' Experience...
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I'll See You At The Finish...
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LSD - Long Slow Distance...
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Intrepid Journeying...!
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'When A Butterfly Flaps It's Wings...'
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Love And Let Live...
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Set A Goal And Journey There
day 100 And 74
Energy can be transmuted...
Day 100 And 73
A Lifelong Quest...
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The Space Between Us...
day 100 And 71
I Took The Day Off Running...
Day 100 And 70
Learn How To Let The Running Guide...
Day 100 and 69
Be Your Own Best Friend...
Day 100 And 68
Born To Run And Born To Have Fun...
Day 100 And 67
A Magical Day All Round...
Day 100 And 66
Becoming Yourself Completely...
Day 100 And 65
The Road To Who Knows Where...
Day 100 And 64
Our World Expands Through Different Conversations...
Day 100 and 63
There Is Nothing To Hold Us Back...
Day 100 And 62
'It Is Our Light Not Our Darkness That Frightens Us...
Day 100 And 61
Stepping Into The Unknown
Day 100 And 60
At The Top Of Your Mountain...
Day 100 And 59
Shifting The Deep Held Memories...
Day 100 And 58
Life Is All About Experiences
Day 100 And 57
When There Is No Enemy Within...
Day 100 And 56
We Do Not Know The Path Another Treads
Day 100 And 55
Amy Is A Star
Day 100 And 54
I Still Like Going Running...
Day 100 And 53
A Pilgrimage to Pantokrator
Day 100 And 52
Validating Our Differences Leads to Deeper Connection.....
Day 100 And 51
Discipline And Practice
Day 100 And 50
Leap And The Net Will Appear
Day 100 And 49
Twenty minutes to landing....
Day 100 And 48
The road is Opening in Wonderful Ways...
Day 100 And 47
The Space Between Us...
Day 100 And 46
A Future Marathon Runner...
Day 100 And 45
Creating The Space for Whatever is Next...
Day 100 And 44
The Perfect Balance Between Yin And Yang
Day 100 And 43
I am on A Lifelong Quest...!
Day 100 And 42
The Track is where it All Began...
Day 100 And 41
'Get Up One More Time Than You Fall...'
Day 100 And 40
'The Road Less Travelled...'
Day 100 And 39
There Is No Finish Line
Day 100 And 38
The Planet Our Home
Day 100 And 37
Giving And Receiving Love
Day 100 And 36
Love, Connection And Belief in Ourselves...
Day 100 And 35
Energy Can Be Transformed...
Day 100 And 34
We Resolve When We Are Ready To Resolve
Day 100 And 33
Running And Rowing...
Day 100 And 32
We're Flying High Another Way...
Day 100 And 31
Day 100 And 30
Jumping, Leaping, Hopping... Running Free
Day 100 And 29
We Are All One Family...!
Day 100 And 28
We're Living it...
Day 100 And 27
The Morning Fix...!
Day 100 And 26
'You Cannot Fear What You Were Born To Do...'
Day 100 And 25
'An Eventful Sunday...
Day 100 And 24
'What I Find More Interesting Is What is Still to Come....
Day 100 and 23
Try And Catch Us....
Day 100 And 22
The Story Of The Missing Pants...
Day 100 And 21
Keep Running Forever...
day 100 And 20
It's Happening...
Day 100 And 19
Running is as Complex as Each Human Being...
Day 100 And 18
'The happiest 5k On The Planet...'
Day 100 And 17
You Are Residents
Day !00 And 16
It Is In Daring To Set Out...
Day 100 And 15
Running As A Meditation
Day 100 And 14
Rhythms And Routines...
Day 100 and 13
To Offer Myself...
Day 100 And 12
Power And Freedom
One Hundred And Eleven
'Be The Change You Want To See...'
Day One Hundred And Ten
My Desire To Run And Be Free...
Day One Hundred And Nine
Having Fun Finding Out What We Can Do...!
Day One Hundred And Eight
The Best Coffee imaginable
Dy One Hundred And Seven
Completely Free In My Body......
Day One Hundred And Six
Life is Full of Mystery
Day One Hundred And Five
'Train Hard - Fight Easy...'
Day One Hundred And Four
I Would Rather Be Running...
Day One Hundred And Three
Each Person's Voice Can Be Heard...
Day One Hundred And Two
We Believed We Could Fly...
Day One Hundred And One
Look After Your Body...
Day One Hundred
Go Running; You Go Running
Day Ninety Nine
Intimacy Is The Willingness To Open Ourselves...
day Ninety Eight
'Fear Is Not Your Enemy...
Day Ninety Seven
One Love - We Are All One Family...
Day Ninety Six
You Can Do More Than You Think You Can...
Day Ninety Five
'No Man Is An Island...'
Day Ninety Four
Build A Firm Foundation
Day Ninety Three
'Until One Is Committed...
day Ninety Two
When Horse And Dog Appear...
Day Ninety One
A Member Of Three Gyms...
Day Ninety
Island In The Sun
Day Eighty Nine
Love is a Verb...
Day Eighty Eight
Lifes Truest Happiness...
Day Eighty Seven
Let's Hug Our Tree...
Day Eighty Six
Frosty Beauty Beckoned Us Into The Park...
Day Eighty Five
My Heart And My Inner Voice Are My Best Guides....
Day Eighty Four
Running Down The Hill, I See I Am Free
Dy Eighty Three
Our Own Road Less Travelled
Day Eighty Two
Travellers Meeting At A Crossroads
Day Eighty One
I Am Not Trying To Get Anywhere
Day Eighty
Running A Powerful Metaphor For Living
Day seventy Nine
A Destination On The Running Road
Day Seventy Eight
Now The Tourists Must Run...
Day Seventy Seven
We Are All Warrior's Of Light...
Day Seventy Six
Three Thousand Possible Outcomes In a Single Moment
Day Seventy Five
The Biggest Gift We Give Is To Share Ourselves
Day Seventy Four
Life Like A Lucid Dream
Day Seventy Three
A Meditation On The Move...
Day Seventy Two
Decide Where To Focus...
Day Seventy One
Literally Driving Down Memory Lane...
Day Seventy
'We Shall Not Cease From Exploration...'
Day Sixty Nine
'To Thine Own Self Be True...'
Day Sixty Eight
You Are Very Strong Madam...
Day Sixty Seven
A Synthetic Road In Urban Beauty...
Day Sixty Six
Namaste - You And I Are One...
Day Sixty Five
We Are Always Connected
Day Sixty Four
Full Of Possibility...
Day Sixty Three
Free And More Me
Day Sixty Two
If I Can Do This I Can Do Anything...
Day Sixty One
New Vistas Opening Ahead...
Day Sixty
A Perfect Start To A Perfect Day
Day Fifty Nine
Ingeniously Weave Every Step Of Your Destiny...
Day Fifty Eight
The Lady Of The Lake
Day Fifty Seven
Flying On Land
Day Fifty Six
Modern Day Adam And Eve
Day Fifty Six
Modern Day Adam And Eve
Day Fifty Five
Dot Dot Dot...
Day Fifty Four
Twice A Day...
Day Fifty Three
The Path Is Revealing Itself
Day Fifty Two
Journeying With Anadi James Taylor...
Day Fifty One
The Runners Prayer 2015
Day Fifty
Stand And Stare...
Day Forty Nine
Do The Right Things Right Consistently...!
Day Forty Eight
A New Home For Ten Days
Day Forty Seven
The Universe In A Grain Of Sand
Day Forty Six
A Gym Girl...
Day Forty Five
A Cartwheel On The Sand...
Day Forty Four
Love Is The Natural State...
Day Forty Three
We Can Heal In Each Interaction...
Day Forty Two
At The End Of A Storm, There's A Golden Sky
Day Forty One
Life Force; Primal Energy
Day Forty
Many More Miles Yet To Run...
Day Thirty Nine
New Vistas Of Possibility...
Day Thirty Eight
Where Are You Going...?
Day Thirty Seven
'See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil...
Day Thirty Six
Let's See What Happens...
Day Thirty Five
'A Room With A View...'
Day Thirty Four
The Language Of Love
Day Thirty Three
Without and Within...
Day Thirty Two
'Leap And The Net Will Appear...'
Day Thirty One
Movement Towards A Place I Do Not Know..
Day Thirty
When Love Beckons To you, Follow...
Day Twenty Nine
The Day Before The Day...
Day Twenty Eight
On Top Of The Hill Sat A Huge White Buddha...
Day Twenty seven
Cappuccinos, Cocktails and Tom Yum Soup...
Day Twenty Six
The Planet Our Home...
Day Twenty Five
We Are Between Worlds
Day twenty Four
They Have Proved To Be Prophetic Words
Day Twenty Three
Without Beginning Without End
Day Twenty Two
Deep Within Are All Our Answers
Day Twenty One
We Enjoyed A Mid Morning Coffee Meditation...
Day Twenty
Darling Have Fun...
Day Nineteen
We Live In A Mysterious World
Day Eighteen
There Is Only Running...
Day Seventeen
Mind The Gap...
Day Sixteen
There Is No Rush...
Day Fifteen
An Inner Process Being Reflected On The Outside...
Day Fourteen
Being Still While Moving Forward...
Day Thirteen
My Total Mileage For The Week Is Twenty Four
Day Twelve
Today Julia's Not Gone Running
Day Eleven
We Had A Perfect Day...
Day Ten
Anything Is Possible
Day Nine
My Saturn Is Returning
Day Eight
'Sometimes I Sit and Think And Sometimes I Just Sit...'...
Day Seven
I could Have Gone On...
Day Six
I Better Just Keep On Running...
Day Five
Butterflies Emerging From Their Chrysalis Learning How ...
Day Four
I Decided To Do A Cecilia Morrison Session
Day Three
Windy Windy So Strong She Wrote It Twice
Day Two
A Fun Way To Train...
Tuesday Day One
I Was Born On A Tuesday...